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Talent Rich Team.

"Transformative social change has always started in and with civil society. In a world which often risks being captured by the past, we need a civic society which can be both fiercely independent in organising itself, and also truly interdependent with all those seeking to build a shared future."

                -Civic Futures London

Kensington & Chelsea Social Council

Brenda Nambooze

Development Officer

Kensington & Chelsea Social Council logo

Kensington and Chelsea Social Council is the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s recognised voluntary sector ‘infrastructure’ organisation.  With a vision of "A strong and thriving community for all," their mission is to strengthen and promote voluntary and community organizations, and the communities they work with.

Located in Ladbrook Grove, KCSC provides professional development, organizational and startup support, fundraising and grant writing training, accounting skill building, and strategic networking - just to name a few.

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