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Talent Rich London

Talent Rich London will be a community-led online platform mapping volunteers, activities, groups, and resources across Greater London.  It will also be a space to collaborate and network with grassroots workers across London.

Talent Rich has recently launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign with the aim to fund this important community project.

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For years, community organisers have wished for a way to see the shape of community response to a disaster -- a way to chart what activities are underway where, how to reach people working on the response, where there are services and resources available... essentially, grassroots workers have been missing a map during crisis response.  


After three years of consultation, Talent Rich has evidence from over 400 community organisers concluding that the ability to map community activities will be critical to improving grassroots work and crisis response.  We simply needed to design and implement the right tool, make it free to use, and make it both useful and inclusive to the grassroots community.

Because this project aims to uplift grassroots community workers, we are asking community members to help demonstrate to funders that the tool is an important one.  Pledging even a token amount will help show our community commitment to being part of the platform!

We hope you will support building a Talent Rich London!


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