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Talent Rich CIC utilises PRINCE2 methodology for all projects.


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Our Vision

To take on support tasks which free community leaders to do what they do best - inspire, mentor, and interact locally.

Our Mission

To provide core planning and infrastructure support to design, fund, and implement grassroots community projects, programmes, and events.

Who We Are When We're At Home

Talent Rich CIC bridges both the organizational and IT infrastructure gap between grassroots groups and community benefactors.


Grassroots organizers work in community spaces with their smartphones and WhatsApp;  they do not have office space, cloud applications, CRM tools, and accounting services.  Those who offer community funding and support often require formal accounting practises, email and bank accounts, and rigorous documentation. 


By managing and administering grant applications, equipment, insurance, GDPR compliance, project monitoring, evaluations, financing, and accounting, Talent Rich frees community leaders to do what they do best - inspire, mentor, and interact locally.


From humble beginnings as a collective of arts and culture leaders collaborating to deliver workshops and events on the streets of West London, Talent Rich’s team of volunteers and mentors now span arts, media, culture, heritage, education, technology, and social enterprise sectors — enabling us to support a wide range of community endeavours.

Talent Rich operations are made possible in part

with in-kind support from 

Talent Rich CIC

International House

Holborn Viaduct

City of London EC1

United Kingdom

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